Titanium Industries, Inc (T.I.) - Account Manager

Tobias Kunof

"LKN's titanium welding expertise is amazing! The solution oriented and customer focused way of starting projects was the goal for success."

Godrej Aerospace - Welding Metallurg

Hitesh Narsia

"Welding is their passion. Very good understanding of welding along with impressive welding skills especially in titanium and exotic materials. Due to deep and through understanding, they are attending the challenges with there tricks."

ACB - Research and Development Engineer

El Mahdi Ouahine

"I was impressed by the large knowledge of strategic and noble materials welding such as titanium, superalloys and many other exotic aerospace materials. Frank, proactive and customer service oriented. I appreciated collaborating with LKN."

TEAM Turbines - Production Manager Engines, Wheels & Brakes

Sanjin Pala

"I rarely come across real welding talents who stand out like this. The ability to handle requested welding tasks, secure in paperwork, and following of the requested procedures was unlike any I’ve seen before. LKN earns my highest recommendation."

Emirates Ship investment Company - Fleet Manager

Hendrik Jan Atsma

"Pleasant persons to work with and very client focused. Completed both specialized welding jobs on our vessels well within the expected time frame and to our full satisfaction. It's been a pleasure working together and we would definitely use LKN again in the future."

AMN (Aircraft Maintenance Netherlands) - Aircraft Mechanic

Jan Harmen Veldman

"Very skilled company! I have worked together several times, with not the easiest welding jobs, but the result was very professional. Communication with customers is excellent, they thinks along with you, and that is reflected in the end result."

Development Engineer Rubber and Sealing Technology at ERIKS bv

Thierry Spaans

"In our search for possible solutions to compensate for rubber shrinkage / stresses in our dampers we've met the people of LKN and had the pleasure to discuss options for welding titanium parts back together after rubber vulcanization at LKN. Really appreciate the discussions we had on this and their customer focused understanding. I would definitely consider to include welding operations for similar design goals in the future. "

Technical Manager at FARAD S.A Heat Exchangers

Alexandros Kremmydas

"We had a very demanding project of full Titanium pressure vessels. LKN has highly qualified welders with deep knowledge and expertise of what they are doing. The cooperation was excellent throughout the project. The weldings were excellent and passed all the NDT and mechanical tests. Further to this, the supporting documentation which delivered to us was full and detailed."

RD&I Technology manager Akzonobel Industrial Chemicals / Nouryon

Cees Kooijman

"LKN possesses a unique expertise in welding of non-standard metals. Clear arrangements in advance, pro-active approach & solution driven and rapid & professional execution of the work."

Owner ASTARA, specialised in Porsche

Ralph Schreuder

"Even old magnesium Porsche engine parts are perfectly welded by LKN WeldExo."

Co-owner METEL B.V., providing special metals and components to the industry.

Dennis Wijnants

"We can really recommend LKN, as they are very skilled at welding the most exotic metals. These types of companies are unfortunately very scarce in the industry."

Construction Manager (TA1701 OCI - OMM Melamine Plant)

Ben Graus

"During a recent TA, I worked with Patrick and his team on an exceptional piece of titanium welding. I can only confirm that due to the quality that LKN delivers, the 'first time right' that we demand was achieved without any comments."

Quality project manager

Andrew Lineham

"I have had the pleasure of being hired by LKN on a couple of occasions to inspect and report on the very specific welding techniques. The unusual range of materials and components LKN deals with on a daily basis makes their welding processes all the more important and unique. They clearly takes pride into the work and this is demonstrated by the skill level they achieves and standard of presentation. Working with LKN is a pleasure on both a professional and personal level. I look forward to working with LKN again, and if I am ever in need for a specialized welding company I would look no further than LKN."

Owner of Savage Rivale & Coastrunner EV Creating exo-electric beach cars @ Savage Rivale & Coastrunner EV

Emile Pop

"There are few companies that deliver work that scores above our bar both in quality and content, LKN does it! For one of the last Roadyachts ever built, LKN did titanium welding on the ultra light exhaust system that far exceeded our expectations."

Head of Product Management at Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions

Henk Vroom

"Excellent quality welding!"