Project info

A big customer with a big problem, a batch of incorrectly machined bronze RG7 (CuSn7ZnPb) moulds. A very expensive batch, and according to many experts, this type of RG7 bronze cannot be welded, so this material had to be written off.

However, a new delivery would take a long time and the amount involved was very large.

The customer continued to search and through and through they came to us, it was immediately clear that this customer would give a lot to come to a solution where the incorrectly milled webs were welded and could be milled again.

After consultation, we finally offered to start an R&D test trajectory for a predetermined threshold amount, whereby we had to provide daily feedback on the results achieved.

Ultimately, this resulted in a solution in which a smart combination of welding processes, parameters and gas to be used. and wire types ensured that we could weld crack and almost gas entrapment free.

The welding also had a very good color match.

After submitting a final test, the customer agreed to weld the batch with molds, see below the very good result after re-milling.

We are very proud that we have made possible what was initially declared impossible.

We have a very satisfied customer.


Scroll through 7 pictures from welding this RG7 bronze mould repair.

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